Allisyn Ashley Arm


    Allisyn Ashley Arm is best known for her role as Zora Lancaster from “Sonny With A Chance/So Random.” At the tender age of four Allisyn discovered her passion for acting, and has since starred in a variety of movies, television shows, theatre, and commercials (over 50!)

    Her feature film credits include “King Of California” opposite Michael Douglas, “Eulogy” opposite Debra Winger, Zooey Deschanel, and Ray Romano, and “Meet Dave” opposite Eddie Murphy.

    On the small screen, her credits include playing one of Phoebe’s triplets on “FRIENDS,” and guest roles on “Still Standing” “Judging Amy” “Vanished” “Back to You” “Miracles” and “Strong Medicine.”

    Born April 25 1996, Allisyn maintains a Vegan lifestyle, and enjoys painting, writing & roller derby.

Look for Allisyn as Aimy Micry in the 2014 thriller, “Aimy in a Cage.”