Allisyn Arm is commonly known as the mousy high school-er, Heather, on the hit NBC show A.P. Bio starring Glenn Howerton. Allisyn took an interest in acting and theater at a very young age. She has appeared in numerous commercials and TV shows including Friends, Judging Amy, and Still Standing. Her feature film roles include Mr. Woodcock, King of California, Meet Dave and lead roles in the features Aimy In A Cage and Ozark Sharks. Allisyn is also known for her series regular role of Zora in the hit Disney shows Sonny with a Chance and So Random. She studied cinematography at GCC and started producing films in 2015. In 2017 Arm teamed with Mali Elfman's "Fun Size Horror" to release her films, Weeji and It’s Just A Story.

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